We are looking for 3 year olds for the 2017 - 2018 school year. Fall classes start on Sept. 5th.

Call 508 - 548 - 1050 before August 17th or come on Labor Day, Sept. 4th, to our Open House from 3:00 to 5:00.


Letters of reccomendation over the years......

Nora and Joe,

Our entire family wants to thank you for the most wonderful 8 years.  You have helped our children through surgeries, nightmares, and lots of laughs!  While we are very sad to be moving on to the next phase in our lives, we will always cherish our times at Sandpiper!  Thank you.

Love, Paul, Candy, Taylor, Emma & Trevor (Dimond)


Dear Nora, Jennifer, Trish, Sara, Nancy, Pam & Joe;

It is almost with disbelief that we have come to realize that the Duncan family's days at Sandpiper have come to their conclusion.  It has been a pleasure to know you all, and we have always felt comfortable in our "comings and goings" at Sandpiper.  Your influence, both individually and collectively, on Andrew and Ben's lives and education has been very positive and varied.  Tom and I are very grateful for the confidence we have felt of your care and teaching, the security we have experienced knowing that our children are physically and psycologically safe with you, and the peace of mind we have enjoyed due to the constency of your presence and treatment of the children.  The Sandpiper Nursery School has a lot of reasons for it's excellent reputation, the foremost of which is all of you - the staff.  Thank you for four years of great support, dependability and service to our family.  We remain your friends and fans always.

Yours truely, Janet, Tom, Andrew & Ben (Duncan)


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Sandpiper Nursery School in Falmouth, Massachusetts with regard to its upcoming accredtation process.  As a fellow educator, I am aware of the importance of the accreditation process and the significant amount of preparation it requires from both the school and from the visiting committee.  I write this letter without the prior knowledge of the educational professionals at Sandpiper Nursery School because I feel compelled to offer some insight and opioions on the manner in which the school operates.

My son, who is 7 years old, first attended the Sandpiper summer program four years ago.  He immediately felf comfortable (as did I) with the staff, facility and program.  At the time I was searching for a highter quality preschool for him and asked Nora Richards if there was room in her program.  She stated that the school year program had been full since the previous February, a rare (in my opinion) situation among preschools in our area.  The following year I was able to enroll him for pro-kindergarten; the following year he also attended their after-school kindergarten program.  My daughter is almost four years old and in her second year of attendance at Sandpiper; she too has loved her experience there.  Each teacher/room brings a unique and developmentally astute educational expertise to their specific age group, yet there remains a seamless sense of  community that can be felt by both children and parents.

As an administrator, I communicate regularly with parents who are frustrated or disappointed with various aspects of the educational process; as a parent I monitor my children's educational progress and remain in contact with various members of the school community.  In the past five years, the staff at Sandpiper has consistently provided an excellent education and has always met or exceeded my expectations in all areas of parent communication, role modeling and overall care.  I feel that the Sanpiper Nursery School could be used as a model for exemplary early childhood education.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or for further information.

Sincerely, Eileen Frazier, LICSW, CAGS (Administrator at the Wareham Public Schools)


Dear Nora,

To say "thank you" doesn't begin to express the gratitude and appreciation David and I have for you and everyone at Sandpiper.  Anna has grown so much over the past three years and we owe so much of that to the time she has spent with all of you.  The time you spend to plan interesting and inspiring learning activities for the children is AWESOME!  Anna has LOVED her time at Sandpiper and I know she is a little nervous about moving on - but we know that it is because of your caring and hard work that she will be prepared for kindergarten.  We love you all and appreciate the love you have shown our daughter since she began at Sandpiper.  We can't wait for David to begin in the fall.  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!  You are amazing!

Love, The Velesig Family


Via E-mail:

Hi Nora,

I just had to write because we are still talking about Sandpiper and how incredible it was for Kathryn and our family.  We can't thank you enough for how much you, Joe, Jennifer, and Pam helped in giving Kathryn the confidence to be herself and believe in it.  It is clearly paying off because Kathryn settled into her new school very well.  She has already made a good friend and last week she was named the 1st Grade class leader.

Her teacher, Ms. Brown , wrote the below .....

"I chose Kathryn this year to be our class leader because she exemplifies all the standards that we all work toward every day at Flood Brook School!"

We are so proud of her.  When Dennis and I discussed it, we both agreed we owe a lot of it to you for your patience and understanding what each child needs and how to nurture it.  I do have to tell you though Dennis of course also said "Imagine if Nora HAD taken my idea and opened up for all school years."  He is obsessed. :)

All the best, Tracy


From a former student ;


It was a pleasure meeting with you and Joe today.  I had a wonderful experience at Sandpiper.  I will always look back fondly at my time spent there.  And though I moved on to kindergarten over twenty years ago, my closest friends to this day are still a group of guys I met at Sandpiper.  There are five of us that still hang out, or at least stay in touch regularly.  We occasionally reminisce about our time at Sandpiper, which laid the foundation for the great friendships we developed over the years.

Thanks Nora!

David Bradshaw