We are looking for 3 year olds for the 2017 - 2018 school year. Fall classes start on Sept. 5th.

Call 508 - 548 - 1050 before August 17th or come on Labor Day, Sept. 4th, to our Open House from 3:00 to 5:00.


Centrally Located

The Sandpiper Nursery School is located in the Homeport Office complex which is at the corner of Jones Rd. and Gifford St. about half a mile from Falmouth center.  It has it's own building set behind the front buildings on Jones Rd. with an adjacent fenced in playground.  The school has it's own 15 space parking lot, with additional parking nearby.  The building itself is a Cape Cod style building with a red clapboard front, and typical Cape Cod shingles on the other three sides.  The playground is covered with sand and wood chips, and has five very large oak trees on it which provide good shade during the spring and summer.  The playground has a swingset area, a tower with a tube slide, a dome climbing structure, monkey bars, a play house, and a boat.  There are storage sheds around the perimeter holding pails and shovels, Tonka trucks, cardboard blocks, dolls and doll dishes, magnifing glasses, bug jars, art materials, wagons, water tables, and woodworking tools.  There are benches and lawn chairs dotted around the space for adults to sit together and watch the children.  This is especially nice for parents and teachers to sit together and talk.

The Main Floor

Families coming into the door of The Sandpiper Nursery School are greeted by wind chimes attached to the door, letting those within hear that someone has entered.  On the right of the door is a gift of one thousand folded cranes bringing good luck to the school, given by a Japanese family several years ago.  The Pre-School classroom is filled with windows on two walls, and has space for ten children, although we choose to keep the group at a maximum of eight.  Louise is known for her cozy touches, and does a great job of making her children visable  The second room on the left is the Meeting Room.  The Preschool cubbies are in this room, as well as an adult level table and chairs where adults may meet.  The room is surrounded by bulletin boards showcasing school projects, articles of interest, pictures of the children in the classrooms and on the playground, and children's artwork.  The room straight back from the front door is the office, with a chair and a table below a large bulletin board covered with monthly offerings for parents and families.  There is also a book shelf with books for parents to borrow, and the water cooler where everyone (children especially) love to come and get a drink.  Joe is in the office from 9:00 to 1:00 every day, answering questions about the business of the school.  Nora works in the office from 3:00 to 5:00, and can be found in her classroom upstairs the rest of the time.


The Pre-Kindergarten classroom is upstairs.  The staircase is lined with photo frames showing the current month of photographs from the classroom of four and five year old children.  The room is large and airy, with space for nineteen children and two teachers.  There are six sky lights adding to the drama of the room.  The sloped ceilings make the perfect gallery for the large paintings done by the children.  The custom blue shelves found throughout the school house hundreds of blocks, books, games, and art materials.

The Basement

The Sandpiper is lucky to have a huge storage space in the basement that is set up as an apartment, with a full bathroom and kitchen.  The entire space has been converted into storage space where we keep hundreds of books, dozens of puzzles, art supplies, math, reading, science, construction, and dramatic play materials.  We are able to store materials we have purchased and received as donations from families connected to the school.  There is a conference room with a table for six adults with a computer, printer, and teacher resource library.  There is an oven for cooking projects, and a bathtub that has come in handy more than once!